Why have a Yacht Survey carried out when buying a yacht or boat?

    Why a yacht survey?

    If you are planning to buy a yacht or boat, there are many things to consider.

    Buying a new boat or yacht is of course an exciting and fun time, but there is more to it than just signing a dotted line. There is much more to it: insurance, possibly a loan, but also safety.

    Below you will find everything you need to know about a professional yacht survey, and also how a yacht surveyor can help you find the yacht of your dreams…

    Buying a yacht

    What is the purpose of a Yacht Survey or Yacht Expertise?

    Why would you consider help with the purchase of a yacht or boat? There are multiple reasons why enabling professional help would be a good idea. A yacht survey is especially crucial when buying a second hand yacht or boat. A yacht survey is a tool that allows you, as a future boat owner, to get an objective evaluation of what you are told by:

    1. the owner who sells the yacht;
    2. the broker who sells the yacht for the owner

    With an independent yacht expertise you have an important trump card when negotiating the price. Moreover, both the bank and the insurer are interested in the true value of the boat. In this way, the bank determines how far they want to go in a loan and the insurer determines the insured value.

    Buying a yacht

    Buying a second hand yacht

    Are you planning to buy a second hand yacht or boat? Then the success of this purchase starts with choosing the right yacht expert. For most people this is a difficult search, because it is a choice that is usually made on the basis of trust. In Belgium, for example, there are no organisations that regulate marine experts.

    Some other, foreign organisations unpack with nice logos, but as a prospective buyer you still don’t have a clue about the competence of the yacht expert. After all, in some organisations it is enough to simply pay an annual membership fee to be a ‘member’ and get a nice logo.

    That is why BYSC is not a member of any organisation and you are the one on whose side we are. This keeps us 100% independent. We only look after your interests and not the interests of one group or another.

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    In addition, you will get an unambiguous picture of what you want to buy: including defects, limitations, damage and so on. This allows you to determine much better whether it really is the price you want to pay for it. Because the real value of a yacht or boat is not in the price you ask for it, but in the value you attach to it yourself.

    Buying a yacht

    How’s a yacht survey by BYSC?

    A yacht survey at BYSC is carried out according to a fixed schedule in which all the smallest elements of the yacht are inspected. The yacht audit is followed by a full report with advice, recommendations and a list of everything that still needs to be done.

    So we carry out a detailed inspection of all parts of the yacht and its equipment. Think of constructive points (e.g. cracks in the gel coat) or a functional analysis of the engine and electronics. In addition, we check whether the yacht complies with the statutory equipment.

    The BYSC yacht survey is sent via PDF and in printed form. A detailed explanation of the report is also included, possibly on site. We will discuss the most important points and answer all your questions. We will take the time to assist you from A to Z.

    Have you seen a beautiful yacht for sale? Let us take a look at it and help you with the objective assessment of your dream yacht. A Quick Scan doesn’t have to cost much, and you can separate the wheat from the chaff. A promising yacht can then be viewed in much greater detail in a Full Survey.

    More information: info@bysc.be