Survey for secondhand pleasure boats and yachts

    We offer surveys mostly on pleasure boats for sale. As buyer you want to be sure that the boat you buy is in good condition before buying. In boats there can be multiple defects that are invisible ou hidden, and that only show themselves after the sale is done. BYSC offers independent expertises in which the boat is inspected in detail and with a critical mind.

    We offer a number of modules :

    Purchase inspection

    During this inspection, all important parts of the ship are being inspected in detail.

    We do some tests (measurement of humidity in polyester boats, hull thickness for steel boats, etc…)

    The ship is inspected on the hard as well as on the water, and a test trial is organized.

    After the inspection, you will receive an extensive report as well as a photograph folio which gives you a good idea of the condition of the ship you wish to purchase.

    Limited inspection (Quick Scan)

    A fast but thorough evaluation of the complete boat. Takes about 1 day. Can serve as a first step towards a more detailed inspection if the boat looks promising.

    The most important parts of the boat receive a short evaluation. We can also provide a Partial Inspection, which is a part of a Full Survey or other on demand.

    Full Survey

    An evaluation up tot the small details. Takes as long as it takes, typically 3 to 4 days (depends on the size of the boat).

    Each part of the boat is inspected in all its aspects. This includes all technical aspects : motor, finishing, ..

    Partial Inspection

    Do you have a special request ? We can provide inspections of all parts of the boat separately. For exemple : osmosis inspection, measuring steel thickness, rigging, sails, motor, etc.. The price will be agreed beforehand following a price offer.

    We also make inspections of damage and/or works done, follow up of reparations or adaptations, control of bad executed reparations.

    You are not satisfied by the proposition of the expert that has been sent by the insurance compagnie and you want the advice of an expert of your choice, BYSC is 100% independent.


    Which parts can you find in the inspection:

    • Steelplate thickness measures (steel boats)
    • Osmosis inspection ( GRP boats)
    • Electrolyse control (Alu boats)
    • Control on anomalies on the hull (defects, weak points, …)
    • Under and above water, superstructure, interior, seacocks, ..
    • Rigging, sails, deck equipment
    • Engines : propulsion, generator, airco, heating,..
    • Seatrials
    • Steering system
    • Electric system
    • Safety and navigation equipment
    • Electronic systems
    • Hydraulic components
    • Gas installation
    • Anchor material
    • Drinking water installation and sanitary
    • Material for security and navigation
    • Various
    • Reference photographs
    • Technical conclusions, advice, estimations

    Not included in the inspection:

    Not included in the inspection: certifications ( gas, epirb, raft,…). This is done by the authorities.

    What does it costs ?

    • The fee for an inspection of max one day (quick survey), inclusive a report, is 12 Euro per foot length overall for boats up to 45 feet.
    • Boats more than 45 feet : price on demand.
    • Small inspections of less than one day (damage, …) : on a basis of 67 Euro/hour.
    • Fees for other inspections : on demand.
    • For the inspections in Nieuwpoort there are no additional transport fees.
    • For inspections elsewhere (in Belgium) the transport fees are 0.65 Euro/km.
    "B.Y.S.C offers surveys on secondhand pleasure craft. The boat will be inspected in a detailed and critical way."