Selling a yacht? Why a yacht survey by a yacht surveyor is interesting

    Sell yacht? Call in a yacht expert or yacht surveyor

    Usually a yacht expert is called in when purchasing a second-hand yacht. Not so much when selling a yacht.

    The reason is clear: when buying a boat, the sensible buyer wants to know whether what the seller or broker tells him actually corresponds to reality.

    Words like ‘neat yacht’, ‘looks good’ and so on, sound a bit hollow to the buyer, especially since it’s a big purchase. Yachts cost a lot of money.

    But even if you are selling a yacht, a yacht survey has a lot of added value for the sales process.

    A yacht survey for the sale of a yacht provides added value

    At BYSC we know that an inspection is also interesting for the person who sells the boat. Normally the seller of the yacht thinks: ‘a yacht expert is going to take out all the drawbacks and reduce the price’.

    Well, this doesn’t have to be like this. Just think of car sales: where do you prefer to buy a used car: from an obscure salesman along the street, or from a bona fide car dealership?

    What does the latter do? A respected car dealership will inspect the car they sell themselves.

    Take a look at Mercedes dealers, for example, who sell their used cars (under the name ‘Mercedes Benz Certified‘). What do all these dealers say, without exception? ‘All our used cars have been tested on 125 points‘.

    In other words, something like this gives you as a buyer the confidence of a sound purchase. The sale is accompanied by a clear overview of the condition of the vehicle. And the price? It will be fair. The result is that people decide to make a purchase much quicker and have much less doubt.

    Selling yachts follows the same principles as selling a car or a house

    The same can be done for selling a yacht or boat by means of a full or partial yacht survey: the seller can have a report of the condition of the ship drawn up by a yacht expert and have it presented at a fair price.

    The potential customer gets a complete overview of what he is buying, and he knows that the proposed price is not just out of the blue.

    Besides, you will keep the buyer of your yacht for a long time because he knows he hasn’t paid too much. If you have shown him the state of the ship honestly, you will avoid later disputes. Especially for professional sellers this is essential because a good reputation will bring them new customers.

    That is why it is interesting for both individual sellers and professional sellers to use a yacht surveyor for sales.

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